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Martina Frappi is the founder, designer and the creative mind behind Le BABUSH, born in Tuscany, Arezzo; "the city of gold", graduated in fashion styling at Istituto Marangoni in Milan.


Martina's life is filled with extraordinary experiences enriched by numerous trips around the world contributing to a vast amount of cultural understanding and constant new inspirations.


Every single piece in the collection is handmade, preserving exclusivity, prestige and a superb level of quality. The brand's focus is set on the “Made in Italy” production, giving full credit to Italian creativity, tradition and master craftsmanship. 


Martina founded a group of emerging brands (MJF fashion group) under her creative and entrepreneurial direction, specializing in accessories. Le Babush, the latest born, is a hymn to rebirth, a new restart, where comfort, buying better, are the priorities of its ideal customers.


At present she’s also working as style and design advisor for important Italian fashion brands.

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