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BABUSH in Arabic, it means slipper,

typical oriental slipper in leather or embroidered fabric.

The Royal Peacock or Blue Peacock, also known as the Indian peacock, is a fascinating animal native to India, whose symbolism is complex and rich. In the East it is considered a symbol of the Cosmos or the Sun, while in the West it is the destroyer of snakes.


The peacock symbolizes longevity, love, but also spring and rebirth. As we know it is also known as the bird with a hundred eyes, those of its plumage representing the stars, the universe, the sun, the moon.


The Romans called it "Juno's bird" because it accompanied the souls of the empresses to the afterlife and symbolized royalty, beauty and immortality.

Le Babush is quality, comfort, attention to detail, exclusivity and creativity.


Handmade in Italy

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